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I loved the dvd, it made me cry. What a wonderful tribute. It is nice to hear what went on during the war,my father never talked of it...each day i learn a little more.


Thanks for making this possible and thank all that were involved in the process.


God Bless You all.




I got to watch some portions of the DVD tonight ... It is really remarkable what all those soldiers endured during the course of the war, and especially the Battle of the Bulge.

I am looking forward to receiving these DVDs so that my wife and I can give them to our children as a legacy to their grandfathers .... and the sacrifices they made for all of us to achieve peace and to keep our freedom.

Thank you so much for all the work you put into this!





The DVDs arrived in the mail earlier today and I just finished watching it. I want to thank you James for sharing Harold's story with us, and so many others, so that Harold and his comrades will not be forgotten. I admire your passion James as well as your talent in front of the camera to tell a story.

In short - WELL DONE!

Looking forward to your next project!




I just finished watching The High Price of Freedom: PFC Harold B. McCarn. A truly magnificant film!! Your expressive narriation of the film was very moving. Poignant!

The historical information about the Battle of the Bulge and Hurtgen Forest as well as the battle for the Bridge at Remagen was so detailed and revealed information that Sherman and I had not heard about before. For one, we were not aware that the east side of the Remagen Bridgehead is still accessible and that movies are shown there (we thought it was completely sealed). For sure we will be looking into this when we return this year.

Thank you James for putting so much of yourself into this film that honors the life and memory of your cousin PFC McCarn and thank you for sharing his story with all of us.

I will be in touch.

What an amazing gift you have given to all the generations of your family.  I was deeply moved!





I honor you and thank you with all my heart for your wonderful film. We just watched it and through tears and knowing what my Daddy went through is beyond words. Please keep me posted on future releases!! ♥


Linda Kay

Hi James,


I received my video today and Glen and I just finished watching it. I cannot describe the feelings it stirred in me. Words just won't do it. The quality of the video was very professional, and the content is very historically accurate. I am amazed at the parallels in Harold's story and our Dad's story.


The mention of him and the other soldiers was so well done. We are both just overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all the hard work and research that went into producing such a high caliber product.

God bless you and Vickie for all you have done. We will look forward to the bonus videos in the spring.


In their memory,


Watched the DVD yesterday. Very powerful. Thanks for sharing the journey!





Larry & I just watched your film. No words to express how it touched our hearts, emotions and souls. We feel we know Harold. Dad trained @ Drew Field in Tampa (I was born there) @ same time Harold was training @ Camp Blanding. And we're from N.C. too. The info. about the "sand" from the beaches @ Normandy about did us in. Can't wait to talk to Diane about your film since her bio. Dad is buried there. So glad you met her. Thank you for such a masterpiece. What a tribute to your cousin."



Dear James,

I just watched Part 1 of your film and enjoyed it immensely. I have visited Henri-Chapelle twice and took photos of my 84th Division colleagues who are buried there. The film was meaningful to me in that sense and also because my unit fought in Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge and across Germany along a similar route to that of your cousin Harold. I also enjoyed the footage with the 2nd Armored veteran as they were in the same Corps as the 84th and participated in a major battle near Marche-en-femenne, Belgium that stopped the German panzer drive along the Meuse River Line and prevented them from driving north toward Antwerp, in effect ending their offensive in the far northwest corner of the bulge and setting the stage for the Allied counterattack. Here is a brief reaction, as you requested:

No war ever really ends for the men who fight it and for those who are most dear to them. This film illustrates that perfectly as it portrays the life, military service, and aftermath of the death of the producer/director's cousin, a replacement in the 9th Armored Division, who was killed in action in March 1945 during the advance across the Rhine River in Germany. The film is beautiful, moving, nostalgic, sad, and uplifting. A personal story about one solder who paid the ultimate cost for the victory over Nazi Germany. Highly recommended.

Thank you for allowing me to view your work.


The documentary,The High Price of Freedom, is excellent. It is hard for me to express just how touched I was viewing this wonderful piece of art. It makes one sad,but pleased to know that all our servicemen who gave their lives fighting for our freedom are not forgotten and are appreciated because someone like you thought it important enough to dedicate yourself to get this message delivered through this documentary.


My husband and I visited Henri-Chapelle in 2010. Thank you and your friends for visiting his dad's grave there and thank you for the picture. It is,as you expressed such an humbling experience to walk among the almost 8000 white crosses and stars and know that these men who fought together also rest together. There is such a calm,serene feeling there.

The emotion you have shown as you put this documentary together makes it so real. The fact that you were so moved and affected by the circumstances of Harold B. McCarn's service and his life and you had never known him really shows your sincerity. I hope every American has the opportunity to view this film. I don't believe it can be viewed without tears for the soldiers,their families and our nation. It is riveting,compelling and it is real!!

Thank you for allowing me to see Part 1 of The High Price of Freedom - PFC Harold B. McCarn. Looking forward to the complete video.

My best to you, James, and your family!!


Thanks you for sharing this movie with me. I am looking forward to the finished project. Your cousin and my uncle and my father all had very similar experiences in WWII. Since both your cousin and my uncle are buried at the same cemetery this brings your story so much closer to home. How I wish my father could have seen this and learned some of what his brother experienced.


Thank you again.

I just finished viewing part one of The High Price of Freedom. It is emotional and historical at the same time. The research is meticulous and the emotion that the writer/director has for the sacrifice of his cousin is palpable. I was impressed with the organization and the timeline of both the personal story of Harold McCarn and the explanation of Harold's role in the overall history of the war in Europe. Extremely well done.



Dear James,

It is a touching, inspiring and educating tribute! ...and this is only the first part! I applaud your commitment, energy and determination to bring this thoughtful project to completion.  Hearing the voice of your mum explaining her experience with Harold is very touching. When she, who knew Harold, will have long past away she will still be telling the story to her descendants in her own words, voice and pace. What a powerful way of passing on a family legacy!

If I am at all responsible for encouraging you to do the extensive research you have done on your uncle, I am very proud!. I wish that for each soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice in WWII, there would be one family member who would measure the importance of this soldier's gift to the world. I look forward to viewing the entire movie.

My very best regards,

Hello James,

I watched your preview last night. Well done, well done. You should be proud of yourself. I know your family is and, without a doubt, I know your cousin Harold would be. I am looking forward to seeing your completed movie and will be most proud to have a copy in my library. You asked me to share my reaction to your preview. Because of my own personal journey, much of which I owe to you, your film had a profound effect on my heart.


My first thoughts and words are as follows:
During WWII, Harold B. McCarn was one of many thousands of Americans who knew what the cost of war and freedom may be. Ultimately, he and many others paid that price. They were all heroes for us; none died in vain, but unless saved, all memories fade in time. That we all remember and teach and preserve is our cost, our repayment for the freedoms we enjoy because of all who so selflessly served; so small a price in comparison, but so often left unpaid.


The ties that bind are only as strong as the men and memories they are attached to. By rescuing his cousin's memory, James has created an unbreakable bond and he himself has become a hero. Through his work, James has created a wonderful, lasting tribute to Harold, and by doing so has preserved Harold's memory for all future generations. While The High Price Of Freedom is mainly a personal account of one young life cut tragically short, Harold's story could easily be that of many a young American man during that era.


Anyone who is a patriot at heart, has lost a loved one to WWII, or is traveling the same path of discovery that James did will find this movie inspirational. It has been for me and I will be forever grateful for Harold's service and James' work.



Hello James,

This is a highly recommended documentary, it is very touching and you can see how many efforts have been put into this to make it such a powerful movie. Harold B. McCarn will, together with his fellow comrades who gave their life for our freedom, never be forgotten.

James Weatherly makes it possible for you to share an untold story with you and by making this documentary, it makes you aware that every cross has a story to tell. I hope that more people will realise this while watching this documentary.


If anyone will ask me to buy a documentary about World War 2, I will recommend them the story about Harold McCarn. Thank you Mr. Weatherly for telling his story.

My English is not perfect but I hope you can use this review.




I watched the preview this afternoon and it has taken me several hours to get my wits about me and dry my tears enough to respond.  First, I want to say that I hope your family knows how very lucky they are to have such a caring, loving man in their midst. You are one in a million! 


I watched this video feeling I was on the journey with you! It was the very same journey my son Joe and I made in 2010 to visit my father SGT Andrew Brown's grave for the very first time. All the time I was growing up nobody made mention of my Dad except for vague references to him dying overseas. In retrospect I find that to be the strangest thing ever, but that was the standard it seems in those days. It took until shortly before my mother died for me to get the nerve to ask her exactly where my Dad was killed.

You have done such a wonderful job in personalizing this journey. I know all the other WWII orphans will feel the same as I did when they watch it.  Your emotions when talking about your cousin Harold mimic mine whenever I try to talk about my dad. It has been 67 years since I lost the Dad I never really knew and it hurts as much as if it were yesterday. I can't begin to tell you what it means to me to have such a wonderful film made about the sacrifice of all of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. I can hardly wait to see the entire film. Thank you so much James.




After viewing the first part of the movie, the High Price of Freedom, I found myself engrossed in the movie, being pulled into the narrative and photography work, the gentleness of flow of transition from cemetery, to family then to war footage, then back to the cemetery, makes the viewer, feel as if you are actually walking the Highway to Freedom, along side Harold and the 9th Armoured Div.. Some of the photographs of the Belgium, Luxemburg country side are really sharp and magnificent, these scenes keep the viewer interested in the documentation being projected during the movie, a job very well done.


There is a sense of connection throughout the movie, the photographs of the Cemetery, and the way they are projected to the viewer, gives you a sense that you are standing next to the headstones, it makes you want to reach out and touch the ground where these soldiers are buried.


In closing, I found the first part of the movie very well constructed, the narrative part of the movie with the
southern accent, gives the viewer a feeling of peace. Without a doubt the fruits of your labour were notable in the way the film has been produced. A job very well done, and very well thought out!!!!

Sincerely yours

Hello James,

Hope all is well with you. Watched the 1st part of "The High Cost of Freedom" and was moved just as I was when you began posting your research on FB.


This Documentary serves to remind anyone seeing it that our Uncles, Cousins, and in some cases, Brothers and Fathers stood against the evil of their time and paid the ultimate price so that future generations could continue to know the freedom they had enjoyed. The footage at the cemetery reminds us that there are still those who regard the soldiers interred there as the Heroes they were. We as Americans can never repay them for their sacrifices. God bless their families, and God bless America.



James --

I just reviewed Part One of "The High Price of Freedom."  Remarkaby well done: well scripted, well shot, well voiced, and so well edited, as all your time there really shows in the production values you've
brought to the film -- with (just guessing here) the thoroughness of a professional pilot. Those of us so involved are lucky to have someone so motivated to be even MORE involved -- to tell this story -- of this man -- and this war.

The tie to Henri-Chapelle makes it especially gripping for me, as you may remember that my Dad, 1LT John Peirson was KIA on 25 December, 1944 on the northern shoulder of the Bulge -- in the taking of a then-important hill (La Roumiere). Dad is also at Henri-Chapelle. 

I can say that as a combat vet myself in a later war (Vietnam) that your careful depictions of the run-up to the war for a citizen soldier -- Harold -- his induction, his training, his uncertainty (if not fear) of what was to come . . . and yet his solemn resolve to do it, even in the face of such uncertainty, all come through in spades and tell an heroic story -- so typical of these men to whom we all owe so much.

What I liked the most in your production and especially in your editing style is that you cover so much ground (as there was so much ground to be covered) without feeling rushed. Your words are careful and measured, by design, I'm sure -- to allow the ironies, poignancies & significances in these sacrifices to find their mark. Just as they should.



Just viewed the film for the second time, and I continue to cry and to be filled with emotions. What a flood of memories that poured forth...memories I have truly tried to surpress over the years...

Never will I be able to thank you enough for your kindness. Presently, I am unable to find the right words to express all the most remarkable features of your film---stirring, compassionate, sensitive. The production was excellent in narration, history and the photography was stunning.




What a great movie you made. It really shows the feelings you have about your relative and the viewer feels
the same pain. It's a good movie that many Americans should watch for their relatives of the great generation should never be forgotten. 

And it's also a support for Europeans who adopted graves to continue their efforts in keeping the legacy alive.
I'm looking forward to the movie James.


Although Bernard and I had the priviledge of viewing a lot of extracts before, this movie has nothing to do with all the things we saw before.  It is so well told and so full of emotional details. we were overwhelmed more than once, and it reminded us even more how important our duty of memory is.  Behind all these marble crosses are young men, civilian soldiers and as you say, too few people know about that.

Your film is "easy" to watch, you don't see time go by. The story is fascinating. It will be a great success and we hope it will teach the young generations about the sacrifices of their countrymen. 

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to watch this preview.

Take care !
Régine and Bernard.

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