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You can enjoy videos of the Boeing 747, various airliners, aircraft, and airports.. I have had the privilege of flying around the world as a Captain on the Boeing 747 for a number of different airlines over the several decades.  I have only been able share my experiences with a very limited number of people. Now with the age of digital photography and the internet I can bring my aviation experiences directly to you.


Learn about flying Cessna's line of Citation Coporate Jets.


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My Flying Career

My flying career spans over multiple decades.  Included are photos of the various aircraft that I have operated during my career as a professional pilot.  Click here to view details about my Airline Career.

1956 Grand Canyon

The Crash that changed the way we fly today.....1956 Grand Canyon mid-air collision occurred on Saturday, June 30, 1956, at 10:30 am Pacific Standard Time when a United Airlines Douglas DC-7 struck a Trans World Airlines Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation over the Grand Canyon.  

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