PFC McCarn's WWII Combat History

From Harold's U.S. Army records and various historical reference materials, we know the following:

  1. Enlisted US Army at Fort Bragg, NC started on 24 June 1944 (date confirmed)
  2. Basic Training US Army at Infantry Replacement Training Center, Camp Blanding (Starke, FL) 10 July to 3 November 1944 * (date estimated)
  3. Left for Europe via ship 17 November 1944 * (date estimated)
  4. Arrived Europe as replacement assigned to Company A, 60th Armored Infantry Battalion, 9th Armored Division in early December 1944 * (date estimated)
  5. Battle of the Bulge - December 1944  **   (click for more info)
  6. Battle for Bridge at Remegan - March 1945  **    (click for more info)
  7. Killed in Action east of the Rhine River while capturing the autobahn in Germany on 16 March 1945 (date confirmed)
  8. Buried Henri-Chapelle American Military Cemetery, Belgium (1945)


* The highlights dates are estimated but can not be confirmed.


** Harold's WWII combat history is based on the history of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion, 9th Armored Division.   Click here to download historical records. 


Please remember as you review these battles, many other young men died.  This website does NOT seek to gloriy war only to honor the sacrifice given and remind your future generations of the horror and tragedy of war.

DISCLAIMER - All the information below is being pieced together from various military history records.  There is no way to make sure that it is 100% correct.  As new information is received this page will be updated and/or corrected to agreed with new factual information.

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