Computers Flying the Plane

I have lived through one of the greatest changes in aviation history. For pilots, we name that the change from steam power to glass. Steam power became a nickname for the old style of flight instruments that most of us grew up with. My own experience was not very different from other pilots learning to fly in beginning their career during the 1950s 60s and 70s. 


I am extremely thankful for the instructors at Boeing and it KLM that taught me sound principles of operating in the new glass cockpit environment.  I wrote the book, "The Rules of Glass",  in 2001 when I was the Boeing 757 fleet manager to help other pilots transitioning to their first class aircraft.


Now after more than a quarter century flying glass airplanes, these rules have proved to be timeless for two pilot transport aircraft.  No matter how the avionic systems seem to improve and change the challenges with the man machine interface is constant.  


I trust you will find these rules of glass helpful in your endeavors as a pilot.  Fly safe and enjoy.

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