Top Three Aviation Videos

Kai Tak Checkerboard approach Old HKG Airport

The old Kai Tak airport was made famous by its "Checkerboard approach" - the IGS to Runway 13 . Enjoy some spectacular views of the old Hong Kong airport. I flew this approach many times a Boeing 747 pilot going into Hong Kong. A very challenging approach was be an understatement !

Boeing DreamLifter and the History of Super Sized Aircraft

The Boeing LCF DreamLifter is the latest in a long line of Super Sized aircraft..

Learn about the Carvair, Guppy series, and the Beluga that all proceeded the DreamLifter.


The Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, also known as the Boeing 747-400 Large Cargo Freighter (LCF), is a wide-body cargo aircraft. At 65,000 cubic feet (1,840 cubic meters) the cargo hold is the largest in the world. It can hold three times the volume of a 747-400F freighter. Cargo is placed in the aircraft by the world's longest cargo loader. It is an extensively modified Boeing 747-400 that is used exclusively for transporting Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft components to Boeing's assembly plants from suppliers around the world.

Boeing 747-400 Cockpit Overview

An overview of the B747-400 cockpit for pilots. Covers
PFD, ND, EICAS, MCP, FMS, and overhead panel. NOT an approved training video for informational and entertainment use only.


The 747-400 is equipped with a two-crew glass cockpit, which dispenses with the need for a flight engineer, along with more fuel-efficient engines, an optional fuel tank in the horizontal stabilizer, and revised fuselage/wing fairings. The aircraft also features an all-new interior with upgraded in-flight
entertainment architecture. As on the 747-300, passenger variants include a stretched upper deck as standard. The model has a maximum capacity of 660 passengers with the 747-400D variant,[4] and can fly non-stop for up to 7,670 nautical miles (14,200 km) with maximum payload, depending on model.

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