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Why I wrote the book

As we grow older, we often look back and think….”I wish someone had told me about that”. My purpose with this tablet book is to provide parents with a tool to share some of life’s important lessons with their kids. Writing this book and producing these videos is my chance to provide some important advice for my grandchildren and others who may read this book in the future.

Every generation faces its own unique challenges. My grandchildren’s generation faces the complete overhaul of our long standing moral and social values while society tries to abandon or rewrite spiritual guidance. I trust that my efforts will be helpful for my grandchildren and others as they navigate the journey called life.
I would like to extend my special thanks to Vickie Weatherly, aka “Mana”, who gave me lots of assistance formulating words and thoughts that young kids could understand. Thanks to Dexter Weatherly and Judy Mitchell for their editing and proofing skills.

I consider it a privilege and an honor to have had the ability to put this book together for your family. My God bless this humble effort to impact our future generations for good.


Gaga  aka J. T. Weatherly

How to make the most of this book

This book is designed to be a tool for parents. They are the key ingredient for this book. Without a parent’s active participation the book will not work.

I envision a parent sitting down with a child each week to read a chapter and watch a story. Don’t be surprised if the child reacts with little or no interest to the information at that immediate point in time, but a parent must be prepared, because the questions will come! Usually the questions will come at a time when the parents are not expecting. For example, your kid is riding in the car and out of the blue says, “Daddy my friend has movies that show bad things on his iPad, why?”

My wife and I always called these the teachable moments. These few non-scheduled moments are when you as parents should stop what you are doing a take time to make a difference in your child’s life. Hopefully this book can be a catalyst to create many of these teachable moments for your family.

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