The Last Generation That Never Came Home

During the making of my first film, I realized that very few Americans are even aware of the existance of our Oversea Military Cemeteries.  I felt compelled to share the details of the final resting place of those who have sacrificed all for our freedom.


After a two years of gathering historical information, I have completed the first part of my next film. This film honors the 93,000+ World War II soldiers who are permanently interred in the American Overseas Military Cemeteries which are beautifully maintained by the American Battle Monument Commission. “The Last Generation that Never Came Home: Part 1 explains that entire process of how these young men and women came to rest in the beautiful overseas cemeteries. It covers the process of the original burials in the temporary cemeteries, the repatriation process, construction of the permanent cemeteries, and the Army’s communications process with each family. I have decide to offer this film in HD with no charge for viewing. Please feel free to share the link to film with everyone that you know.

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